Cool Salamanders is a community first project for the people, by the people – everyone has a voice. Our goal is to make a DAO as strong as SMB or Thugbirdz, and in the process we make the experience fun for all – through various giveaways. We will also donate towards wildlife conservation and fighting poverty.

Our art is inspired by the cool and cute horned/gilled salamanders, also known as axolotls, with self healing property through tissue regeneration. The idea behind Cool Salamanders is to create a fun and thriving community through giveaways and contests, and of course as a super cool PFP – who are as self healing and strong as the axolotls. Holding a Cool Salamander will have monthly giveaways and we will continue to go on building a DAO if the community chooses to do so. Community is everything, as we will thrive together. Before the mint, we will do giveaways for or whitelist spots. So, if you are reading this, you are super early – congratulations – and this means, you will the early adopter benefits!

During the mint and NFT drop, there will be cool giveaways, like there will be many hidden Salamanders with nifty gold, silver and copper crowns worth few SOLs with buyback guaranty – if you are lucky to mint them 😊 – more details on this will come soon.

After the mint, we will periodically hold raffles to airdrop either established (e.g., Solstead, Aurory etc.) or hot and happening NFTs to the Salamander holders. The creators will contribute portion of royalty towards DAO formation and functioning going forward. We hope to create many raffles and giveaways based on community feedback and form a Cool Salamander community, and this certainly is your chance whether you are already part of other super cool communities, or not!

After successful launch, we will consider contributing to along with other wildlife funds, of course along with lots of NFT giveaways just for holding a salamander! We need your help to grow our discord and community. We also intend to help people who are suffering from poverty, famine or other unfortunate events – based on how much fund we can raise and make profit through investments – this will happen after DAO formation.

You may find us at: